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Cheer'In Elite Allstars & CheerStars Program consists of cheerleading classes for ages 4 and up.

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2018 - 2019 Cheer'In Elite AllStars Cheer Program

Jr. CheerStars Pre-School Cheerleading Class (Ages 4-5) – This class is specifically designed for the pee-wee cheerleader. Students learn motions, jumps, tumbling and basic stunts just like the BIG cheerleaders. Classes are just brought “down to size”. Cheer'In uses the pre-school cheer curriculum designed by Patti Komara, a leader in the recreational youth athletics industry. Participants will be required to purchase a class uniform, poms and bow. White tennis shoes are also required

CheerStars - CheerStars students will learn the jumps, motions and tumbling required by competitive cheerleading squads. Classes will consist of basic stunting and partnering. Classes start with a 10 minute warm-up and move into a 20 minute tumbling circuit with basics skills and drills for higher level tumbling skills such as back hand springs and back flips. There are 10 minutes of jumps and motion and 10 minutes of basic partner stunting. (Structure may vary week to week.) The last 5 minutes is used for conditioning and flexibility. These classes are perfect for the aspiring competitive, Jr. High or High School cheerleader. Don't be caught next Try-Out Season without the skills you need! Sign-up for a CheerStars class and get a head start on the skills you need to reach your goals!
Cheer'In Elite AllStars - All CheerStars students are eligible to join our competitive cheer squad, the Cheer'In Elite AllStars! Students must be enrolled in the CheerStars classes for at least the Fall/Winter or Winter/Spring semester in order to be considered for the squad. Participants may also be invited at anytime by one of our Cheer Coaches, Director or attend tryouts in May. For more information and competitive squad costs, please e-mail the Cheer'In Administrative Director, Brandi at

CheerStars, FlyStars and Elite AllStars For Students Entering Kindergarten, 1st Grade and Older

Cheer’In Elite AllStars Class Schedule
2017-2018 School-Year Program


Jr. CheerStars
Ages 4-5




Saturday Workout