Member Policies for In'Finite ArtSports, Inc. in Hattiesburg, MS

  • In’Finite ArtSports News : Newsletters are e-mailed periodically during the month. PLEASE read these newsletters. Information regarding your child's class, upcoming events and gym details will be included in these newsletters. If you have any questions regarding what is in the newsletter, please ask us. We are happy to help. Please make sure the front desk has your correct e-mail or you will not receive important information. You can like us on Facebook and you will receive updates that way as well.
  • Attendance/Being On Time: Children are most comfortable when they arrive before their class begins. Arriving a little early allows for a smooth transition from parent to teacher. Children can become very self-conscious when they enter their class late. Warm-ups are a very important part of class - besides preparing the body physically for class; we are preparing mentally, reviewing skills, and discussing important safety issues. Please make an effort to be on time (or a little early) to your child’s class each week.
o Late Arrivals: Students who arrive after warm-ups are complete will be asked to schedule a make-up class. Arriving very late is a distraction to the class as well as being unsafe for your student. If you arrive a little late, please stop by the front desk so someone can escort your child to the proper place. No parents are allowed on the floor for safety reasons. Thank you.
  • Be Prepared: Please be sure your child is ready for class. Hair should be pulled back, jewelry removed, and drinks and potty breaks taken care of before class starts. Gum should be tossed in the trash.
  • Dress Codes: Being properly dressed for class will make your child’s experience more enjoyable and comfortable.
o Gymnastics and Tumbling & Trampoline: Girls must wear a one-piece leotard and may opt for gym shorts. Boys must wear a snug-fitting T-shirt and shorts. Gymnastics shoes or bare feet are required. Girls- no spaghetti-strap shirts or short shorts without a leotard, please. Gymnastics shorts are ok with a leotard.
o For All Programs: No jeans or jean shorts, no jewelry, and no footed tights, except in dance classes. No street shoes in the gymnastics areas or dance studios. Hair must be secured away from the face with ½ ponytails for mid-length hair and full ponytails for shoulder length and longer. If your child's hair can interfere with their vision, it needs to be pulled back in some way with clippies or a hair tie. This is a rule for boys as well.
o Jewelry: Please have your child remove all jewelry before class starts. (Small stud-style earrings are permitted.) Jewelry can easily get caught on something (such as a spotter's hand) and break or cause injury. Children will be asked to remove any jewelry they wear into the gym. In’Finite ArtSports, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Observation Policy: Parents and friends are welcome to observe classes at any time. You may watch from either the balcony or from the lobby through the glass windows. Parents should not coach from the balcony or lobby. This is a distraction to the class and your athlete and can result in serious injury to the athlete and/or coach.
  • Foot Traffic Through the Gym: We do not allow general foot traffic on carpeted areas or mats in the gym. When we have foot traffic in the gym, both safety and organization suffer. Parents are not allowed on the floor to retrieve their children or to discipline them for failure to listen. Please speak with your child’s instructor before or after class if you have concerns regarding child’s behavior.
  • Please: NO flash photography! This is not only distracting to all our students, but dangerous as well. You are more than welcome to take photos of your child from the balcony or from the grey carpeted area with permission from the front desk. Just make sure to turn off your flash.
  • Siblings: Brothers and sisters are welcome to accompany parents in the observation areas. Please bring coloring books or quiet toys to entertain your child while you are watching class. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior - it is expected that children in the observation play areas will play nicely, not abuse toys or throw things, nor cause disruptions to others observing classes. If your child becomes a distraction to others in the observation area, you will be asked to leave.
  • Children Not in Class Must be Supervised at All Times: Please do not leave children unattended anywhere in our facility at any time. Our office staff is responsible for answering phones, assisting customers, and attending to minor first aid needs of students. They cannot be responsible for watching your child. Please do not permit your young child to “shop” in our store unattended. We have had items accidentally destroyed by young children playing in our store. We cannot sell items that have been thrown on the floor repeatedly.
  • NO Food and/or Drinks: (other than water) allowed in the class areas.
  • Lost and Found:We keep lost items at our facility for two weeks. After two weeks, items are donated to local charities. In’Finite ArtSports, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Remember to remove your child’s jewelry before class starts!
Bad Weather: If weather is bad, please call before coming in. We will send out an e-news bulletin and publish closings on Facebook.

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